Monday, 5 May 2014

Touching Spirit Bear

Cole has two important and kindhearted people that care so much about him, and are taking care of him to make him change (Garvey, Edwin). Cole has done so many bad things, and has gotten away with all of them, but this one. Cole has gone way to far and hurt Peter that now has slurred speech and cant learn as well as he should. Cole destroys Peters life and has to live up to the punishments. Peter and his family will never be the same. Garvey and Edwin want to give him another chance because they were in his shoes once and never got a chance to change there life. CYJA is they took him so he doesnt have to go to jail and the rest of his life regret his life (wont be able to be what he wanted to be in the future). There is a CYJA because youth dont know what they are doing because their minds are still developing, so they dont think about there future. CYJA is a chance to change your life and has
The CYJA has 4 levels of response designed to deal with the least to most serious types of offenses
o   Extrajudicial Measures
o   Extrajudicial Sanctions
o   Probation
o   Custody
At the beginning of the book he was sent to a sentencing circle (circle justice), so he can explain why he did that. Cole thought that this was going to be a free be and can just get out of jail, and fake his way through, he thought wrong. To be apart of circle justice you really have to care and want to change. The level that his is in is probation. He got sent to an island, for everyone thought it would change him. He touched a bear and almost died. When you are on the verge to death you realize something, it is like a switch just snapped in your head, he changed. He was finally ready to be something better. He told his story in the circle, but no one believed him, so they were about to send him to the forth level, custody. He knew that he deserved it so he was ready. Garvey and Edwin believed that he could change so they were sending him to the island one last time. Like how Edwin push him when they were walking on the, he did change just like how Edwin said.
The court system/circle wont help him and make him get better, which is what CYJA is meant to do. I dont think it is his dad fault, no one can make you do anything

Things that would affect my decision-making would be if my parents were not there for me and I couldnt make it through without someone I loved to support and help me. If I got sent to CYJA I know that would be way better them custody. CYJA will help you only have a criminal record for 3 to 5 years. If he going to jail (custody) he will keep a criminal record forever (as bad as you cant leave the country). CYJA would let me life my life and be my future!
As I see Cole’s consequences I think that his consequences should be far harsher. Dont send him to an island; make him do something that he hates! HE DESTROYED SOMEONES FAMILY. That really makes he hate him, because that discuss me on how rude he is. He is changing, and starting to realize that he cares more. His heart grew three times its size, the Grinch. He had an epiphany when he was on the edge of death, and saw the baby birds.

In conclusion I think that Cole should not be sent to jail because I am rooting for him (kind of). I think that he shouldnt do community servious because that would make him angrier.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Gins Post 4 (Quote)

The book that I read was Lunch with Lenin – specifically The Dark Side of Nixon – by Deborah Ellis. The author really identified Nixon’s emotions by kids bullying him, which included hurling rocks and excluded him in all activities. Is this really a life that someone should live? He didn’t understand why school is so difficult for him. He feels as if he should give up and he believes his peers will always think he is stupid and not worth anything. His mom would always tell him when he was feeling down, “Stand up for yourself but don’t fight. Speak up for yourself but don’t shout. You can do it, but there’s no shame in failure.” He will always cherish that quote because when his spirit is down it will bring him back up again, by just believing. Nixon finally found realized why his whole life has been a failure through his eyes and so many others. It all stems from his mom drinking while she was pregnant with Nixon, which led him to have FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). He felt the only person he could blame was him mom. His whole life being unexceptional, and all of the pain and torcher of not knowing why. Because of this pain he fell into the wrong crowd and began using illegal substances.

I connected with this quote because it is inspirational. It shows if you want to succeed you need to fail first, and be able to pick yourself up and try again.
(Page 26, Deborah Ellis, The Dark Side of Nixon)

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Free right for Pretty Flowers

The sun beats down on my already burnt back, but I have to finish picking the poppy seeds. My long tangled hair is greesed to the bottom. I am nervous because I am already behind and my dad will be home any time soon. I move further into the poppy field so my brothers wont bother and distract me to make me fall behind. The pricks and scratches from when i down cut it right sting from yesterday. As I see a car drive into the drive way a already know the consequences that are awaiting me. Another car comes up behind my dads, and it is the Afghanistan police. As my mom grabs me and pulls everyone into teh house, my dad sits on the ground crying. My mom goes out and bags them not to take out the poppies, that is our only money we have. I swing the door open becuase this fabulous idea pops into my head, just wait until next season, we wont grow anymore. My parents give me a death glare, but i don't understand why. A big truck pulls in and starts chopping up everything and throuwing poison on the growned so it won't grow back.  I look over at my dad, crying a river. "Poppy seeds are band from selling know" the police officer states. A month has gone bye and all we have is a can of beans left. My silly brother opens it and chugs the hole thing! My dad walks up to him and punches him square in the nose. He drags me out to the car and we start driveing. What did i do wrong? I look back at my mother screaming and punching the car, yelling no, but we have already left. As me stop at a big rich house a man opens the door telling my dad to come in. I try to get out, but my dad kicked me back in. I listen... "I will give her to you for"... then they walked in. A girl at the window opens the hosue window and
yells, "run and don't stop running until you are free." I get out of the car... I run until i couldn't breath no more, but then thought about looking at that little girl, brused and death looking. My adrelilin kicks in and i run at the speed of light, and i feel free and calm.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

World Wide Charter

This is the google doc that me, Alex, Ally, and Luke made...

When we started off creating the World Wide Charter we were a little confused. We didn’t want to write the exact same thing that Canadians charter carries. We all believe that Canada’s Charter carries the best qualities.
The First thing that we wrote was Collective Rights and Individual Rights. We all talked about our books and what they were about, and accompanying to that I said we should discussed what was the main legislation is from our country of our book. While we were talking we wrote down what we said and made it sound professional. We added on to each others notes and discussed it.
I was asked why we put equality right in Collective Right. I still am not sure why we did that, but I guess it relates to everyone around the world and that every single person is equal.
As I write this down, I think that the individual rights could possibly go into the Collective right depending on how we word it. Everyone in the world would have the exact same right and the President would have to make sure that EVERY country follows it. Right now Constitutions say things that they don’t mean and never follow up with it.
We all around the same idea’s. There were very little arguments, but everyone agreed after. The arguments are what made this Charter real. Not everyone agrees with what others say.  
Why we don’t have very much and didn’t finish it because...
Everyone has different opinions and hs different qualities of what we think is the most important for the Charter. Our books are so different, and each book they were violating a right in their Charter that we wrote. When we said to write that down, some don’t that that that is that important and that we don’t need it. All have different perspectives.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Gins Post #5

I chose the book Red Hero At Midnight in the book “Lunch With Lenin.” I really stuck with this book, it was so sad and scary and it makes me think if people in Canada live underground just like them. I use to think that it was so dumb for people to steal and why don’t they just go to a shelter. I don’t feel that way any more... The leaders were trying to take care of there friends which are their family. If there are no shelters the only way for them to survive and actually live is to steal, it is there only choice. On the other hand the police never got any consent and never went to court. They stole a backpack because it was just sitting there, but there were smuggled drugs in the backpack which was for the Police Officer. The Officer would give the kids anything to get it back.
In Canada if we found out about the officer then he would not be able to work there any more.

Is there a similar document for the nation in which your issue occurs?
I found a fabulous website that explains in a list all of their rights. This document is organized by article just like Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It have so many sections but only a couple of points for each.

If so, what rights and freedoms are guaranteed in the document?
Example of just a couple points...
Article 14  [Equality, Right to Personality]
(1) All persons lawfully residing within Mongolia are equal before the law and the courts.
(2) No person may be discriminated on the basis of ethnic origin, language, race, age, sex, social origin or status, property, occupation or post, religion, opinion, or education.  Everyone is a person before the law.

Citizen rights, Equality, Right to Personality, Citizenship, Extradition, Citizen's Rights, Citizen's Duties, Foreigner's Rights and Restrictions, Responsibility, Restrictions.

The laws that the police officer and the kids did not follow are... Citizen duties because they do not pay taxes because they don’t live anywhere, don’t take part in the war. It says, “It is a sacred duty for every citizen to work, protect his or her health, bring up and educate his or her children and to protect nature and the environment.” The kids and adults living together all don’t work because they are not allowed, and didn’t have enough money to go to school.

I talked about this in my paragraph above, but leader got sent to jail and didn’t go to court. In Citizen rights which has the most things and is the most important to them. It says, “The right to life.  Deprivation of human life is strictly prohibited unless capital punishment as constituted by Mongolian penal law for the most serious crimes is imposed as final decision by a competent court.” I find this so helpful in explaining, and this shows some laws are broken even by police officers.

How might the issue be different if the Canadian Charter were applied?
Officers should know the law, but sometimes they forget. I feel like less laws would be broken because we are a first world country and we learn about the charter a lot and everyone can go to school (special school for people who can’t afford in Canada). Mongolia is a third world country, that means that a lot of people can’t afford things. Our Charter were applied and had a decent president the country would be more organized and maybe not a third world country. (this is not 100% true, this is just my thoughts)

Friday, 22 November 2013

Gins Consumerism Mash Up

The main idea of the book...

The book I am writing about is prodigal. Kelly’s life was great when her sister was gone to rehab. She was happier because her parents paid more attention to her. Her sister Shannon is in rehab and she is coming out the day that Kelly is in the 2008 miss firefighter pageant. Kelly acted and talked about her sister like she hated her and didn’t love her (I think she had a lot of hate towards her). After the pageant she noticed that her sister has gone crazy because she was jealous of how perfect Kelly is. Kelly gets straight A’s and wins everything she joins. Shannon did drugs because of her jealousy.

Once you start with drugs it is almost impossible to stop. You want drugs over ANYTHING else. Shannon did drugs to hide her pain and jealousy, but it didn’t work. Shannon taking drugs affected her families life because they care and love her, and don’t want bad things to happen to her. That family will never be the same because they will always remember the bad things that have happened. Drugs are a negative, and people think badly of people who do them and their family. Even though the family never forced her to do it, people blame the parent because they should have been watching. drugs over anything else. depends on the choice of drugs, trying to hide pain. Taking drugs how does it affect the families life. It is frustrating for the family to have a daughter that does drugs, they care for her enough to send her to rehab. It never said what drugs Shannon took (black market, prescription drugs, etc). All depend where your consumer demand lies...

Kellys hated her sister because she didn’t feel like she was appreciated and felt invisible, because no one would pay attention to her. She was happy when her sister went to rehab, not because her sister was going to be better, but because she could have attention. Shannon’s individual identity was longing for happiness from drugs. This book was more about collective identities. Rehab helps everyone that joins, they help you get through this maddening phase. Kelly loves to go to school and learn, and participate in groups.