Friday, 22 November 2013

Gins Consumerism Mash Up

The main idea of the book...

The book I am writing about is prodigal. Kelly’s life was great when her sister was gone to rehab. She was happier because her parents paid more attention to her. Her sister Shannon is in rehab and she is coming out the day that Kelly is in the 2008 miss firefighter pageant. Kelly acted and talked about her sister like she hated her and didn’t love her (I think she had a lot of hate towards her). After the pageant she noticed that her sister has gone crazy because she was jealous of how perfect Kelly is. Kelly gets straight A’s and wins everything she joins. Shannon did drugs because of her jealousy.

Once you start with drugs it is almost impossible to stop. You want drugs over ANYTHING else. Shannon did drugs to hide her pain and jealousy, but it didn’t work. Shannon taking drugs affected her families life because they care and love her, and don’t want bad things to happen to her. That family will never be the same because they will always remember the bad things that have happened. Drugs are a negative, and people think badly of people who do them and their family. Even though the family never forced her to do it, people blame the parent because they should have been watching. drugs over anything else. depends on the choice of drugs, trying to hide pain. Taking drugs how does it affect the families life. It is frustrating for the family to have a daughter that does drugs, they care for her enough to send her to rehab. It never said what drugs Shannon took (black market, prescription drugs, etc). All depend where your consumer demand lies...

Kellys hated her sister because she didn’t feel like she was appreciated and felt invisible, because no one would pay attention to her. She was happy when her sister went to rehab, not because her sister was going to be better, but because she could have attention. Shannon’s individual identity was longing for happiness from drugs. This book was more about collective identities. Rehab helps everyone that joins, they help you get through this maddening phase. Kelly loves to go to school and learn, and participate in groups.

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