Tuesday, 21 January 2014

World Wide Charter

This is the google doc that me, Alex, Ally, and Luke made...

When we started off creating the World Wide Charter we were a little confused. We didn’t want to write the exact same thing that Canadians charter carries. We all believe that Canada’s Charter carries the best qualities.
The First thing that we wrote was Collective Rights and Individual Rights. We all talked about our books and what they were about, and accompanying to that I said we should discussed what was the main legislation is from our country of our book. While we were talking we wrote down what we said and made it sound professional. We added on to each others notes and discussed it.
I was asked why we put equality right in Collective Right. I still am not sure why we did that, but I guess it relates to everyone around the world and that every single person is equal.
As I write this down, I think that the individual rights could possibly go into the Collective right depending on how we word it. Everyone in the world would have the exact same right and the President would have to make sure that EVERY country follows it. Right now Constitutions say things that they don’t mean and never follow up with it.
We all around the same idea’s. There were very little arguments, but everyone agreed after. The arguments are what made this Charter real. Not everyone agrees with what others say.  
Why we don’t have very much and didn’t finish it because...
Everyone has different opinions and hs different qualities of what we think is the most important for the Charter. Our books are so different, and each book they were violating a right in their Charter that we wrote. When we said to write that down, some don’t that that that is that important and that we don’t need it. All have different perspectives.

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