Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Free right for Pretty Flowers

The sun beats down on my already burnt back, but I have to finish picking the poppy seeds. My long tangled hair is greesed to the bottom. I am nervous because I am already behind and my dad will be home any time soon. I move further into the poppy field so my brothers wont bother and distract me to make me fall behind. The pricks and scratches from when i down cut it right sting from yesterday. As I see a car drive into the drive way a already know the consequences that are awaiting me. Another car comes up behind my dads, and it is the Afghanistan police. As my mom grabs me and pulls everyone into teh house, my dad sits on the ground crying. My mom goes out and bags them not to take out the poppies, that is our only money we have. I swing the door open becuase this fabulous idea pops into my head, just wait until next season, we wont grow anymore. My parents give me a death glare, but i don't understand why. A big truck pulls in and starts chopping up everything and throuwing poison on the growned so it won't grow back.  I look over at my dad, crying a river. "Poppy seeds are band from selling know" the police officer states. A month has gone bye and all we have is a can of beans left. My silly brother opens it and chugs the hole thing! My dad walks up to him and punches him square in the nose. He drags me out to the car and we start driveing. What did i do wrong? I look back at my mother screaming and punching the car, yelling no, but we have already left. As me stop at a big rich house a man opens the door telling my dad to come in. I try to get out, but my dad kicked me back in. I listen... "I will give her to you for"... then they walked in. A girl at the window opens the hosue window and
yells, "run and don't stop running until you are free." I get out of the car... I run until i couldn't breath no more, but then thought about looking at that little girl, brused and death looking. My adrelilin kicks in and i run at the speed of light, and i feel free and calm.

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