Monday, 10 March 2014

Gins Post 4 (Quote)

The book that I read was Lunch with Lenin – specifically The Dark Side of Nixon – by Deborah Ellis. The author really identified Nixon’s emotions by kids bullying him, which included hurling rocks and excluded him in all activities. Is this really a life that someone should live? He didn’t understand why school is so difficult for him. He feels as if he should give up and he believes his peers will always think he is stupid and not worth anything. His mom would always tell him when he was feeling down, “Stand up for yourself but don’t fight. Speak up for yourself but don’t shout. You can do it, but there’s no shame in failure.” He will always cherish that quote because when his spirit is down it will bring him back up again, by just believing. Nixon finally found realized why his whole life has been a failure through his eyes and so many others. It all stems from his mom drinking while she was pregnant with Nixon, which led him to have FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome). He felt the only person he could blame was him mom. His whole life being unexceptional, and all of the pain and torcher of not knowing why. Because of this pain he fell into the wrong crowd and began using illegal substances.

I connected with this quote because it is inspirational. It shows if you want to succeed you need to fail first, and be able to pick yourself up and try again.
(Page 26, Deborah Ellis, The Dark Side of Nixon)

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