Monday, 5 May 2014

Touching Spirit Bear

Cole has two important and kindhearted people that care so much about him, and are taking care of him to make him change (Garvey, Edwin). Cole has done so many bad things, and has gotten away with all of them, but this one. Cole has gone way to far and hurt Peter that now has slurred speech and cant learn as well as he should. Cole destroys Peters life and has to live up to the punishments. Peter and his family will never be the same. Garvey and Edwin want to give him another chance because they were in his shoes once and never got a chance to change there life. CYJA is they took him so he doesnt have to go to jail and the rest of his life regret his life (wont be able to be what he wanted to be in the future). There is a CYJA because youth dont know what they are doing because their minds are still developing, so they dont think about there future. CYJA is a chance to change your life and has
The CYJA has 4 levels of response designed to deal with the least to most serious types of offenses
o   Extrajudicial Measures
o   Extrajudicial Sanctions
o   Probation
o   Custody
At the beginning of the book he was sent to a sentencing circle (circle justice), so he can explain why he did that. Cole thought that this was going to be a free be and can just get out of jail, and fake his way through, he thought wrong. To be apart of circle justice you really have to care and want to change. The level that his is in is probation. He got sent to an island, for everyone thought it would change him. He touched a bear and almost died. When you are on the verge to death you realize something, it is like a switch just snapped in your head, he changed. He was finally ready to be something better. He told his story in the circle, but no one believed him, so they were about to send him to the forth level, custody. He knew that he deserved it so he was ready. Garvey and Edwin believed that he could change so they were sending him to the island one last time. Like how Edwin push him when they were walking on the, he did change just like how Edwin said.
The court system/circle wont help him and make him get better, which is what CYJA is meant to do. I dont think it is his dad fault, no one can make you do anything

Things that would affect my decision-making would be if my parents were not there for me and I couldnt make it through without someone I loved to support and help me. If I got sent to CYJA I know that would be way better them custody. CYJA will help you only have a criminal record for 3 to 5 years. If he going to jail (custody) he will keep a criminal record forever (as bad as you cant leave the country). CYJA would let me life my life and be my future!
As I see Cole’s consequences I think that his consequences should be far harsher. Dont send him to an island; make him do something that he hates! HE DESTROYED SOMEONES FAMILY. That really makes he hate him, because that discuss me on how rude he is. He is changing, and starting to realize that he cares more. His heart grew three times its size, the Grinch. He had an epiphany when he was on the edge of death, and saw the baby birds.

In conclusion I think that Cole should not be sent to jail because I am rooting for him (kind of). I think that he shouldnt do community servious because that would make him angrier.

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